Group Conversations / Chat

Privately share photos and updates, or just join in the conversation!
You can even create sub-groups within a topic if you want to discuss something more specific.

Life a little hectic? Email digests keep you in the loop – even when you get busy

Events in One Place

Don’t just connect online, connect in real life too! Create and
organize prison wife meetups and events right from your phone.
RSVP to attend and even get event reminders right on your phone.

Direct & Private Messaging

When the group gets to be a bit too much, connect one-on-one with other prison wives and get the support you need. It’s as simple as browsing the member directory and messaging a friend. You can now send private direct messages and create private group chats (max 25 people) Send inside jokes, personal messages and other moments meant only for a handful of people.

Threaded messages make it easier to go back and forth with the people you talk to the most. Instead of creating a new conversation every time you send a photo, your threads are based on the people in them and your moments flow along naturally. We’ve also added the ability to name your groups!