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Our mission is to improve communities by building products that reduce the destructive impact of incarceration. In addition to our low-cost jail calls, easily share photos, letters & more. We’ve taken the hassle out and provided you with an affordable, easy way to keep in touch with your inmate.

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We’re a small team of creative rebels and have a flat and open structure. We have a collaborative culture built on hacking ideas, code, and business models. We’re looking for additional trouble makers to join our team who enjoy solving huge problems, disrupting archaic industries, and are not afraid to dream big.

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Pigeonly builds technology products for the overlooked and underserved. To date we’ve launched multiple products that address and solve communication barriers between inmates and their support network of family and friends. We’re looking for people with passion, who are an asset to the industry and are looking to help us solve problems for those incarcerated.

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Former Florida inmate turns life around, becomes lawyer

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Prisoners Make Pennies an Hour. Why Are Their Co-Pays So High?

The $580 Co-pay In prison, seeing the doctor can cost up to a month’s salary. For those in the outside world accustomed to paying $25 or