Criminal Justice: The Data Dilemma

Access to data is critical in any industry. This is especially true in the $180+ billion criminal justice industry. The problem is the data associated with criminal justice events (i.e. arrest, bail, court documents, etc.) is unorganized, fragmented, and in most cases, doesn’t exist at all.

Over the past 20 years, spending in the corrections industry has increased more than 300%, increasing the demand for data more than ever as companies seek ways to innovate in the world’s largest criminal justice economy.


Unlocking Criminal Justice Data

Openbird is an open source platform that decentralizes the collection, organization, and monetization of criminal justice data on the Blockchain. This creates a verifiable, single source-of-truth that satisfies the market’s fast-growing demand for structured criminal justice data.


The Openbird token (BRDZ) represents a tradable right to access data on the Openbird platform. It also serves as the native currency used to reward data providers when valuable data is contributed to the network.

Prison Reform

The Openbird ecosystem financially incentivizes criminal justice reform by joining independent entities around common interests.

Whether you’re an employer in need of background checks, a legal professional looking for a cheaper way to access essential court documents, or a developer looking for a solution to disrupt the predatory bail bond industry, through Openbird, you will be able to bypass industry incumbents and acquire your criminal justice data for a lower cost.

Democratize Value Exchange

With a democratized approach, the cost to access criminal justice data is significantly lower; and as a result, data will now be more accessible for a multitude of new use cases

Innovation Meets Impact

Drive innovation in the world’s largest criminal justice industry. This results in less crime, victims, and pressure on an already overburdened criminal justice system, reversing the billions of dollars a year wasted, a steep social and financial cost for us all

Incentivizing Industry Progression

For the first time in history, blockchain technology aligns incentives in such a way that state and local agencies can now afford to contribute their public, unstructured criminal justice data to an equally-shared ledger

The Openbird Ecosystem

Openbird’s ecosystem supports three different, but interdependent, entities: Users, validators, and data providers.

01. Users

Individuals, entities, or developers that pay for data access on the Openbird protocol

02. Data Providers

Trusted sources that are incentivized to contribute criminal justice data to the network

03. Validators

Network nodes incentivized to verify, validate, and map data from Openbird data providers.

Built-in Token Demand

Pigeonly has maintained steady growth year-over-year with subscribers in the US and internationally. All existing Pigeonly transactions will be processed via BRDZ tokens, driving demand and building token value as we are the only provider in the space that supports every Federal, State and County prison in the country, over 17,000+ facilities.

5 Yrs

5 years Industry leader with consistent year-over-year growth.


Active subscribers in 88+ countries and growing.


Supports every Prison in the country, over 17k facilities.

Who we are

We’re an established team with proprietary software, functioning products, and industry experts – committed to delivering world-class technology to underserved markets.

Frederick Hutson

Founder/Head of Product

Alfonso Brooks

Co Founder/Head of Fulfillment

Marc Ford

Head of Engineering

Cortnei Howard

Director of Customer Success

Steven Otu

Chief of Staff

Ruigie Bilaro

Head of UX & Design

Notable Investors

Includes globally recognized venture capital firms

Tim Draper

Kapoor Capital


500 Startups

Base Ventures

Social Capital

The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund

Graph Ventures



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